Lately our designers have spent a bit of time on Info-graphs. Info-graphs are graphic visual representation of information, presenting complex information quickly and clearly. While our study is more focused on how we can create an automated process, where device can collect information and create these for a user, Dhyani created some art presenting his concepts. Check these below:

This is the email distribution spread over the countries. Idea was to figure out the location of senders for a user, and map it over the globe. P.S. this is just a concept, with no relation between the locations and email types. 

This is the graph of a user’s activity spread over a period of time. Activities are divided into categories, and each circle represents a task/app/use-case. 

This is an impressive ball-graph plot. 

This is a conceptual drawing of how content is distributed over the internet. 

And this one is how brands fared over CES. CNET, PCWorld and Gizmodo were covered here. 

This is a continuous activity which we are doing now to come to a point where we can define drawing primitives and rules based on which these info-graphs can be auto-generated. This is going to be a long but fun project at Notion Ink.

Dhyani is the brain behind this project. In the comments you can post requests for more info-graphs and case scenarios and we should be able to build more for you. Your requests will definitely help the project. 

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan